Why I Wear Modest Swimwear

I live in Florida, where people swim outdoors for much of the year.  Spring is approaching, we're going on vacation, and it's about time to get back into swimming mode.

For several years now, I have avoided showing a lot of skin when at the pool or the beach.  Sometimes, I have just worn a long dress or short pants and waded in the water rather than getting in a swimsuit at all.  In fact, I don't think I've worn a swimsuit in the past two years.  I do have one, though, and it would be considered a modest one.  It looks somewhat like this:

Part of the reason why I enjoy modest swimwear is that it is no fuss.  I don't like to pull and tug at my swimsuit and worry about something coming off.  I am usually chasing after kids, and the last thing I want in front of other people is a wardrobe malfunction when I'm bending over to pick up a wayward toddler.  A modest suit is a practical solution.

I am also pressed for time so I don't have the opportunity to worry about things like my bikini line.  (Heck, I barely have time to remember to brush my teeth!) The modest swimsuit takes that silly worry away.  Further, I don't like to get sunburned, and the more I can cover up, the less skin I have to slather with sunscreen.

Finally, there is the matter of looking sexy.  I don't come to the pool or the beach to impress anyone - man or woman - about how sexy I am.  (Yes, you can laugh heartily at that.)  I just want to swim and hang out, not show off.

I'll admit, there is some controversy when it comes to women covering up.  Some people fear that encouraging women to use modest clothing is oppressive to their freedom.  After all, women should be supported in wearing whatever they want!

I wholeheartedly agree.  I have just seen both sides.  When I was younger (and my body was much better looking, pre-motherhood), I enjoyed wearing more revealing swimsuits.  I did all the time. In fact, when I was eighteen years old, my photograph was on a postcard, and I was wearing a yellow "slingshot" swimsuit that left little to the imagination.  (Think of the movie "Borat" and that swimsuit.  My apologies for the visual!  Also, only search for the term "yellow slingshot swimsuit" at your own risk.)

I liked the way I looked then, but in the end, I didn't like all of that attention and pressure put on me.  Even then, I still mostly wanted to swim and hang out, not worry about what was *hanging out* on me.  I would rather leave more to the imagination now.  I am married, and frankly, my husband has seen it all before.

I can't say that I would necessarily wear a very modest swimsuit like this one, but I do like the high SPF of the material.  No need for much sunscreen!

 Bottom line: wear whatever makes YOU feel beautiful, comfortable, and secure.  I will wear something modest, because that is what I enjoy.

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