Accountability and Disclaimer Page (About Me)

I have three young children who are my world.  I love being a full-time mother.  I would really like to have more children, but my husband is old-ish, and we are both too broke and too tired.  Plus, it's bad for the environment, and having lots of young kids makes it harder for me to do anything else but raise those kids.  But still, I dream!

I was a surrogate mother, and I loved it. 

I am a native Floridian.  I lived for a few years in both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and I loved it.

I've done many different kinds of jobs, including editing, nannying, and mystery shopping.  Before I became a mother, I was an actress, Marilyn Monroe impersonator (seriously), and pageant queen.  Those were the days when I actually cared about how I looked!

I am a bumbling Christian who is active in my Unitarian Universalist church.  I went to seminary and considered the ministry.  When it became clear that I would make the world's worst minister, I dropped out and married my scientist husband who moonlights as a lay minister.

I have a fantastic British husband who is not only a genius, but a romantic, a feminist, and a great dad.  He's not perfect, but he rocks my world - and bravely puts up with me.

I have a health condition known as neurocardiogenic syncope, which is part of the dysautonomia family.  It basically means that I have low blood pressure that causes some mild symptoms.  It's no big deal, but I am thankful to have a diagnosis that explains how I feel.

I am a member of high IQ societies, and I enjoy academic competition.  I love language and the social sciences, but I am lousy at math.  However, I have lost brain cells since I became a mother... I think they all went to my kids.

I don't drink or smoke or own a television.  I recently became a vegetarian.  However, I am a caffeine and sugar addict, and I don't care who knows it. 

I am really bad at sports - all of them.  I also am not artistic or musically inclined.  (You likely won't find any crafting tips here.)  However, I appreciate other people's talent, and I think that's good. 

I love Sesame Street everything.  I don't own a pair of jeans, and I dress like an old woman these days.  My childhood heroines were Cyndi Lauper and Punky Brewster, which might say something about me.

I am close to my large family, but I will try not to talk about my relatives here, because I usually don't know when to shut up.

My current-biggest dream is to adopt lots of kids and to open a Unitarian Universalist school.

My most obvious faults are that I am impatient, late to everything, annoyingly self-effacing at times, self-righteous (especially about grammar), weepy and touchy-feely, and rather morbid.  I am also an idealist to the extreme.