The Cranky Idealist Being Cranky

Grrrr.  My day has turned me from an Ed Bradley to an Andy Rooney.  Why do these little annoyances, put together, have the power to ruin my mood?

1. When an organization insists that people must fax paperwork in order to complete an important process, why is it seemingly impossible to locate a fax number on the letter, the website, or the phone?

2. What happens when someone parks in a public lot and doesn't have the 25 cents needed to exit the lot?  (Whoops!) 

3. Why do so many drivers ignore road signs, like "yield" and "stop"?

4. Why do fancy coffee drinks have to cost so much?

5. Why did I have to roll the windows down with loose paper in the car, which allowed my husband's private financial information to fly out and land by the road somewhere?  (Double whoops!)

Mantra for today: I need to watch the news and put this in perspective.

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