A Note for Victoria Jackson

For once, I am almost speechless.  I just saw the interview on CNN with former "SNL" star Victoria Jackson where she discusses the liberal agenda as it pertains to homosexuality, Muslims, and the "sickening" gay kiss on the "Glee" television show.  Ms. Jackson wrote about the kiss in her column and it caused a stir. 

Note to readers: Ms. Jackson calls CNN the "Progressive Propaganda Channel" on her blog, but I guess it was okay to be interviewed by CNN in order to promote her column.

Note to readers: I will not call Ms. Jackson a bimbo.  I will not call Ms. Jackson a jerk or an idiot or a racist or even a fundamentalist or a homophobe or a has-been.  I don't think that name-calling gets us anywhere.  That said, I will call her out on what she does.

I could talk/write for hours on how wrong I believe many of her words are, but I will just address one thing in today's blog post.  She calls "two men on a wedding cake" a "comedy skit" that is "ridiculous"... and thinks that a gay kiss on television is sickening.

I am someone who knows several happily married gay couples who are responsible, loving parents and amazing members of the community.  I think that Victoria Jackson and her fans should break from the rallies and actually meet a few people who are different, including gay couples.  To say the very least.

I've never seen an episode of "Glee" myself; I guess I missed that page of my liberal instructional manual.  However, as Ms. Jackson well knows, it's a free (read: Capitalist) country and this is what some people want to watch in a sitcom.  Unless, of course, she wants us to be a Socialist country and only have state-run, squeaky clean television?  I mean, television like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARSEUsCyWj0  You know, the kind that she got famous for and made her money from, and stuff like that.

Note to Victoria Jackson: I have a certified copy of the Liberal Agenda.  One of its main precepts is to accept and affirm people's choice to love whom they wish and practice their religion as long as it hurts no one else.  Imagine that.  P.S. I am a Christian, too, and I read the same Bible, sweetie.

Here's the interview: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/showbiz/2011/03/22/sbt.victoria.jackson.hln?hpt=T2

Here's her website: http://www.victoriajackson.com/

Here's the column: http://www.wnd.com/index.php/index.php?pageId=276421

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