True SAHM Confessions

I love being a parent.  I really do.  I love being a parent so much that I want to have a house full of children, homeschool them all the time, and enjoy every moment with them.  I left work so that I could be home with my kids.  I am living my dream, and I am extremely fortunate.

That said, I have my moments... those moments that are not my best when I just want to cry out about what I need.  Allow me to illustrate:

1. "I need space!!!"

I sleep with my baby every night and nurse him throughout the day.  I cuddle with my toddler and kindergartner several times throughout the day, and sometimes I sleep with them, as well.  I am around my kids all the time; parenting can be a physically intensive job.  Then there is that moment during the day when I just need some space.  Like, when I just want to use the bathroom in peace, and I can hear one of my girls turning the bathroom door... or if I lock it for privacy, they start banging on the door and calling my name.  Another time is when I am sitting down and I have not one but three kids who desperately want to sit in my lap at the same time.  Really, I feel like a celebrity with fawning groupies, and I just vant to be alone for a few minutes.

2. "I need quiet!!!"

The concern with having verbally precocious children is that they talk all the time.  Lolly even talks in her sleep!  There is a constant buzz of either talking, banging, giggling, crying, whining, babbling, cooing, or the rare scream... and then the phone rings, of course.  Sometimes in the car, my eyes glaze over as I have to tune out the constant buzz of noise just to get us safely to our destination.  It's not that I expect the kids to stop making noise - even if that were possible - but I just need some quiet time.

3. "I need money!!!"

Well, not really.  I don't need it, but it would be nice.  Children themselves really don't cost much money.  I mean, it costs money to feed them, clothe them, diaper them, and insure them, but really, those things can be pretty inexpensive if we choose wisely.  The spending frenzy comes with all of those optional things.  For me, my weaknesses are photos, secondhand toys and books, camps and classes, and birthday parties.  I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on these extras, and keep in mind that I don't even buy new toys or clothes for my kids.  Even the little kid snacks at the store really add up, and I don't have the energy to make alphabet soup from scratch.  Most of the stuff I buy is for the convenience factor, but some of it is just silly and wasteful, and I am ashamed.  That said, if we're ever going to travel by plane, remember that we'll have to buy at least five tickets.  That's where money could come in handy. 

4. "I need time with my husband!!!"

This is an overlooked biggie.  My husband and I have had dates every nine months (insert joke here), but I would love to just have an hour every week to have an uninterrupted cup of coffee or tea with him.  I feel like we're coworkers rather than spouses sometimes... albeit coworkers with huge crushes on each other.  Can't I just invite the husband over to my cubicle?

5. "I need to feel pretty!!!"

Okay, I'll admit it: I am one of those moms who has totally let herself go.  I don't mind it as much as I thought I would, but once in awhile, I think wistfully that I am in my thirties, and I will never, ever be a bombshell.  I've got the requisite flabby stomach, stretch marks (which my oldest once dubbed as "tiger stripes"), mottled skin, and my hair is in such poor shape that it looks like failed dreads.  I can't believe that I once used to wear swimsuits... like, for pictures, even.  I would like to take more time to look at least as gorgeous as the other moms I know.  Or at least I could shave my legs this year.

Love, the Mom

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  1. You are such a beautiful woman! :) I completely understand your confessions-have been through it myself and struggle with it too. I enjoy reading your blog posts.



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